Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Current Sharebro Solution

I'm currently trying to figure out a good workflow to share articles since Google Reader share (well publicized on 10/31) and Reeder share (as of 11/8) have both been discontinued.

On a side note, when/if HiveMined comes out, I'm hoping it has the old Google Reader share/follow functions, and a "Note in Reader"-type bookmarklet. So this all may change soon!

The best way to see my archive at the moment is via Tumblr or Twitter, either directly thru those services or via these RSS feeds:

They are both being fed via Instapaper Likes. Instapaper has a single-click bookmarklet to save any web page from your browser. I also use a ifttt task to pump my Google Reader starred items to Instapaper for reading later.

Instapaper also has a single click like/star function. Then you can optionally set up your account to automatically post your likes to Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr and/or save to Pinboard/Evernote.

By the way, any Twitter or Tumblr user can be followed via RSS with the structure below. Just replace [user] with the actual Twitter handle or Tumblr user you want to follow. It's not real-time but if you want it aggregated in an RSS reader, it works well.


  1. I built a rough plugin to put the share button back in google reader here[].
    Its functional for now. Your shared items are then listed on[your gmail address]
    Of course, your gmail address will not be stored on the server, only its md5. Therefore you can share your feed anonymously also using[md5(your gmail address)]
    Unlike google, this will be continually developed and supported.

  2. Interesting. Thanks Sanjeev!

  3. Hey Tim,
    Dunno if you know already. But I am stopping development of the plugin and merging it into
    This one seems to be THE solution that the community is heading towards, and there are some solid devs behind it.

  4. Thanks for letting me know. Do you know of any replacement to the "Note in Reader" bookmarklet?

  5. The sharebros are building one. Check out . Evernote also has a great webclipper, but it has limited sharing powers :P

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